Become A Doula FAQ

Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

What is a doula?

A doula is also sometimes referred to as a professional labor assistant. A midwife or doctor provides medical expertise and the ability to diagnose problems during your labor and delivery. A doula provides emotional and physical support for the mother and her partner during the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. A doula is someone familiar with you and your wants and needs and accompanies you during the birth. She can be there to answer questions, provide emotional support, assist with physical comfort, and fill in details of what you might need during your labor and birth. A professional doula, like those at Birth Boot Camp, must meet the company’s standards of education and ethical practice, as well as other aspects of training such as comfort techniques and background knowledge.

What do I receive from my Birth Boot Camp DOULA?

Your Birth Boot Camp DOULA is a well-trained professional that will provide you with:

  • A 28-page “Supporting Arms” booklet – useful to both partners on your journey to natural birth
  • two prenatal meetings
  • labor support during your birth
  • a postpartum visit



If I take Birth Boot Camp childbirth education, do I still need a doula?

Absolutely! Your doula does not replace your childbirth education! Taking Birth Boot Camp classes in addition to hiring your Birth Boot Camp DOULA frees you both up to enjoy what doulas do best… personalized, relational service to meet your specific needs.

When should I hire a doula?

It’s never too early or too late to interview and hire a doula!  Birth Boot Camp DOULAS recommend having prenatal appointments around 34 and 37 weeks, so most women begin interviewing doulas in their second trimester. However, if a doula has availability, most will take on clients anytime before the baby is born, even if that’s only by a few hours.

Who needs a doula?

Anyone who could use support during labor needs a doula.  While Birth Boot Camp is designed for couples wanting a natural birth and wishing to avoid a cesarean, all Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are thoroughly trained in supporting mothers in natural birth, medicated birth, and cesarean birth, in any birth setting.

How much do doulas cost?

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are professional doulas who understand their worth, value themselves and their work, and are running successful businesses. They have knowledge, expertise and confidence right out of the gate. We recommend our experienced Birth Boot Camp DOULAS charge a professional rate of at least $700, and that our brand-new doulas fresh from training offer a reduced rate of at least $300. However, this will vary greatly between market.

What sets Birth Boot Camp DOULAS apart from other doulas?

  • Our doulas learn from two experienced doulas that run busy practices, one in New Orleans, and the other in Dallas-Ft. Worth. (Read more about them above.)
  • All of our doulas have taken the full 10-week modern and comprehensive Birth Boot Camp online classes, or are certified instructors themselves.
  • Our doulas receive breastfeeding training from respected IBCLC, Mellanie Sheppard, through “The Ultimate MRE” video course, and attend a doula-specific breastfeeding workshop at their training.
  • Our doulas focus on professional doula work and building a business that is both sustainable and professionally satisfying. They are not hobbyists, they are professionals.
  • All doula trainees come to the 3-day workshop after completing their reading, study guide, and paperwork.This puts everyone on the same page, ready to learn hands-on skills and how to run a successful practice.
  • Our doulas are skilled in effective and therapeutic communication with clients, healthcare providers and staff.
  • Birth Boot Camp DOULAS in training can participate in a mentor program during their births immediately following training.
  • Clients receive a beautiful, professionally printed 28-page booklet full of information about pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period…. the only one of its kind!
  • Birth Boot Camp DOULA training includes information about supporting women postpartum and being on the first line of defense for postpartum mood disorders.

What is covered in my prenatal visits?


What is covered in my prenatal visits?

Your Birth Boot Camp DOULA will meet with you twice before your birth so you can get to know each other and discuss a number of designated subjects (and any others you might be concerned about) that will affect your labor.

What is the typical timeline for working with my doula?

Typically, couples meet with their DOULA around 34 weeks, and again at approximately 37 weeks for prenatal visits. Your doula will be on-call for you 24/7 for the two weeks prior to and two weeks after your due date. Your doula will join you when you feel that you need her in active labor, and stay with you 1-2 hours after the birth of your baby. You will then enjoy a postpartum visit with your doula to discuss your birth and any concerns about parenting your new baby.

Can I bring my baby to the workshop?

We encourage long term breastfeeding and want nursing mothers to be included. Training, however, is intensive and requires long hours and a quiet room so that all who have invested their time and money can hear and participate. Training also requires that all be able to participate in relaxation and various other floor exercises. If you are nursing a baby or child you must have someone with you who can bring your baby to you and take them out of the training room when they are done feeding. This enables both the nursing mother and others in attendance to maximize their workshop experience. Regretfully, we will have to ask people to leave if they are being disruptive or are unable to participate.

What does my doula expect from me?

Your Birth Boot Camp DOULA wants what you want for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. She will be very interested in your self-care during pregnancy, including your relationship with your care provider, good nutrition and exercise, and relaxation. She’s committed to your comprehensive well-being before, during, and after birth.

Click here to find a Birth Boot Camp DOULA in your own area, or certify to become one yourself. We can’t wait to join you as you plan for an amazing birth!