Code of Ethics

doula code-of-ethics

Birth Boot Camp Doula Code of Ethics

Professional Development

Birth Boot Camp Doulas are continually seeking professional development. Annual Re-Certification will require some reading, attendance in local community groups, maintaining and updated area resource list, etc. 

Client Confidentiality

Although doulas are not bound by HIPAA, by being invited to an interview or to be in a family’s birth circle, you are privy to information and experiences that deserve to be respected and held in confidence. Birth Boot Camp Doulas are not to provide identifying information about clients and/or discuss clients’ health history, family life, birth plans and/or birth experiences. This is of particular importance in regard to social media. Birth Boot Camp Doulas do not announce pregnancies, genders, births or other private information via private conversation or social media without express permission from the client. It is important to be mindful of the impact of social media, understanding that even a post of “baby time” may inadvertently announce a birth.

Professionalism and Integrity

Birth Boot Camp Doulas maintain professional conduct and treat all other birth professionals with respect.  This includes hospital and birthing center staff and all health care providers.   Birth Boot Camp Doulas do not speak on behalf of their clients.  The goal is for the birth team to work together for the good of the family and for the client to make her own decisions.

Birth Boot Camp Doulas seek to have positive relationships with other professional doulas for professional health, back up and referrals.

Respecting Births as They Unfold

Birth Boot Camp Doulas understand that this is not their birth and do not project their own birth experiences and/or feelings onto the client.

Birth Boot Camp Doulas support families through all kinds of births and believe families are equipped to make their own decisions. 

Birth Boot Camp Doulas will provide physical, emotional and informational support so that a client is empowered to make her own decisions, resulting in a positive birth experience.

Birth Boot Camp Doula Standards and Scope of Practice

Birth Boot Camp Doulas provide emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labor, birth and during the final postpartum visit.  Doulas may make referrals to appropriate community resources as needed. This can include, but is not limited to Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Mother-Baby friendly health care providers, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Mental Health Care Professionals, La Leche League, Lactation Consultants, etc.

Birth Boot Camp Doulas are not birth advocates and do not speak to a client’s health care provider on behalf of the client. Birth Boot Camp Doulas are not medical professionals and do not provide medical treatment or diagnosis.  Diagnosis, treatment, medical monitoring including, but not limited to, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and cervical dilation, etc. are outside of the Doula’s scope of practice.


Doulas are not client advocates and do not speak to the health care team on a client’s behalf. However, should something differ from the client’s wishes as detailed in the birth plan or previous conversations, the Doula can gently remind the client that this differs from her plan.The Doula supports the client through any adjustments she wishes to make.

Doulas may also offer their time as an activist, advocating for birth, policy changes, etc.  However, while serving a client as a Doula the Birth Boot Camp Doula’s priority is the client’s birth experience and wishes.


Birth Boot Camp Doulas understand that the path a client, labor and birth will take cannot be predicted. Clients may choose to deviate from their aforementioned wishes and birth plans, and make use of pain medication and interventions. Birth Boot Camp Doulas are to gently point out when a suggested route deviates from the client’s aforementioned wishes and respect whichever route a client chooses.

Birth Boot Camp Doulas will provide physical, emotional and informational support so that a client is empowered to make her own decisions, resulting in a positive birth experience.

Supporting Families at Birth

A Birth Boot Camp Doula’s role is to support the family. Doulas help guide partners so that they can best support the laboring mom. The doula’s role is dynamic and should provide support and guidance to all in attendance. Encouraging others to eat, rest and take care of themselves throughout the process is part of this role. Support may also include keeping those waiting outside of the labor/birth area up to date with information approved of by the client.

Alternative Therapies

Birth Boot Camp Doulas each bring with them knowledge gained outside of the Birth Boot Camp Doula program.  This may include the use of TENS, acupressure, acupuncture, massage therapy; knowledge of herbs, essential oils and/or homeopathics, etc.  Birth Boot Camp Doula does not promote or negate these therapies for use with clients.  However, an appreciation that natural does not equate benign is important.  All means of comfort, including touch and words, should be approved by the client and discussed in advance of the labor/birth at prenatal appointments.

Unless a Birth Boot Camp doula is otherwise certified or holds professional training in the use of herbs, acupressure, acupuncture or other alternative therapies the doula does not provide these therapies but refers to those who are.

Concerning optimal fetal positioning: A doula may share information and resources concerning optimal fetal positioning and may practice positions with a client, but it is out of the doula’s scope of practice to do any maneuvers, using hands or otherwise, to physically move and/or maneuver a baby. This includes lifting a baby from the maternal pelvis, manually rotating a baby or any other movement of the baby. During labor a doula may work with the client’s health care team to encourage optimal positioning for birth.