Birth Boot Camp DOULA is about...

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is about women…

  • Women having an amazing, supported, natural, birth experience.
  • Women supporting other women through doula work.
  • Women having sustainable, joyful, businesses as professional doulas.

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is about partners…

  • Partners who feel supported throughout the birth process by a doula who believes in their important role and who has had a natural birth and breastfed for one year.
  • Partners who feel confident that their doula knows and respects them.
  • Partners who know that there is someone on their side to support them as they transition into parenthood.


Birth Boot Camp DOULA is about families…

  • Families having a positive birth experience together.
  • Families growing stronger through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
  • Families finding joy and love in the transition from couple to family.

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is about postpartum…

  • A postpartum experience that is positive and surrounded by community.
  • A postpartum where breastfeeding is understood and helped by a knowledgeable and trained doula who can truly help or can find support within your community.

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is about professionalism…

  • With professional doulas, we bring you the best in comprehensive, ethical, care for your pregnancy and birth.
  • Our professional doulas share the same training and goals. They are not “hobbyists.”

About Birth Boot Camp DOULA

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is about sustainability….

  • Our doulas are trained to run a doula business that benefits their community, their couples, and their own families.
  • Our doulas are encouraged to practice in such a way that they still have the energy, excitement and joy to continue on as a doula many years from now.

At Birth Boot Camp DOULA, we believe that being a doula is about so much more than just showing up at the birth. We create a sustainable community of mentored doulas who serve their clients, garnish respect in their birth communities, and who love what they do as they support families in natural birth.

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