Birth Boot Camp began as a childbirth education company. Started by Donna Ryan and a team of like-minded women, our mission was to help couples have amazing births through in-person and online childbirth education classes.

We love training instructors and seeing couples have fabulous birth experiences with the help of what they had learned in their birth class. Doulas have always been an important part of the Birth Boot Camp childbirth education curriculum. Our founder, Donna Ryan, had seen the positive impact that doulas had in the birth experiences of her couples. In fact, we encouraged and expected every couple to seek out a doula in their community to help facilitate the birth they desired. (You can read more about the founding of Birth Boot Camp childbirth education here.)

But it wasn’t too long before we realized that simply encouraging doulas wasn’t enough. There was great demand for a Birth Boot Camp-designed doula program.

We recruited a team of women to help build this entire program. From marketing materials to breastfeeding training and business training, Birth Boot Camp DOULA was created for you by a team of professionals seeking to make the best doula training in the business.

Alexa Gumm, Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer

Our Lead Doula Trainer, Alexa Gumm, an experienced doula who as worked as a doula in four states. She is also head of childbirth education at The Happiest Doulas, Atlanta. She brings her incredible talents as a doula and her gifts as a teacher together to train you.

We love Alexa Gumm and we know that you will love her as much as we do!

The program focuses on relational support, professionalism, communication skills, labor comfort, and much more. It holds high professional standards and provides uniform training for all of its doulas.

Our doula trainers are successful, professional,and passionate doulas in their own sustainable practices. They don’t just want to train doulas who like helping out in births, they train women who want to be career doulas that stand the test of time.

Join us at Birth Boot Camp DOULAS whether it’s to hire a doula or become one yourself.