At Birth Boot Camp DOULAS, we believe doulas are professionals who provide a valuable service to expectant families. The professionalism of the doula career is represented best when doulas are well-trained and have a well-defined scope of practice to operate under.

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Part of helping our doulas have professional, sustainable practices is giving them access to professional materials to promote and represent their business.

We believe that each doula should be equipped to build a sustainable practice based on her goals and needs, earn living wages, and identify herself as a successful entrepreneur as well as a great doula! We help our trainees meet these goals by having had a natural birth and at least one year of breastfeeding, providing exceptional training and continued support in not only pregnancy and birth support, but also in marketing, advanced lactation, communication, and understanding the postpartum period.

When a new doula builds a sustainable practice spanning a long career, the doula benefits, as well as her expecting families, and ultimately, maternity care is improved.

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are specifically trained in supporting families through natural birth. This means they understand and respect physiologically normal birth and are able to use this information to provide superior support through any birth. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS understand there is more to birth than the clinical side. Families are honored throughout their pregnancy and birth experiences with compassionate and professional support.

Our Birth Boot Camp DOULAS specialize in supporting families in natural birth

Our Birth Boot Camp DOULAS specialize in supporting families in natural birth

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are exceptionally trained. We believe in our duty to provide continued support throughout your career as a Birth Boot Camp DOULA. We are committed to your growing business. We believe that every couple benefits from continuous labor support of a doula.

We believe healthy women are capable of naturally birthing their healthy babies, with very few exceptions. We believe that the doula’s role is to support the mother and her birth partner. When supported, partners are empowered to be the mother’s advocate, to support and encourage her; and they themselves are able to truly bear witness to her vulnerability and strength in birth. Supporting the couple leads to more connected families and healthier, happier babies.

You can learn more about Birth Boot Camp DOULA training programs here, or to learn more about our code of ethics, read here.