Why hire a Doula?


More and more women and their partners are discovering the benefits of hiring a doula for their birth. Even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and hiring doulas for labor and birth support.

Women have supported women emotionally and physically through pregnancy, labor and postpartum for millennia. Perhaps instead of thinking of hiring a doula as a new trend, think of it  as the revitalization of something that has long been part of birth.

Why Hire A Doula?Studies have found that the presence of a doula has great benefits to a laboring woman and her perception of her birth. The doula is more effective if she is not a family member and not part of the medical staff. This means that a your L&D nurse and your mother-in-law’s presence at your birth, while fabulous, doesn’t have the same positive impact that a doula can.

Why should you hire a doula? There are so many physical and emotional benefits to hiring a doula, many of them documented by research.

  • A doula can increase confidence in the woman, not just during labor, but after
  • A doula during labor increases breastfeeding rates at six weeks postpartum
  • Increases chances of spontaneous childbirth
  • Lower cesarean section rates
  • Lower chances of medication during labor
  • Faster labors
  • Higher five-minute APGAR scores in the infant
  • Less likely to have an instrumental (vacuum or forceps) delivery

These are just the documented benefits of hiring a doula. Couples find that doulas have an amazing impact on the birth and help not just mom, but her partner too.

why hire a doula?

For this reason Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are specifically trained in ways that not all doulas are. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS learn relational support - that means she has learned how to connect and communicate with mom, her partner, and the birth team in the most effective way possible. This specific training on relationships helps amplify the already important impact that a doula has on a birth.

Your Birth Boot Camp DOULA also understands the importance of education before the birth. She can help you find a childbirth educator and class that works best for you and your partner. This way the couple can focus on their birth and not be trying to figure things out in the throes of labor.

Because of the high professional standards and standardized training at Birth Boot Camp DOULA, all of our doulas share the same goals and ethics regarding their role during your birth. They will serve you and respect your birth team.

Find a Birth Boot Camp DOULA for your birth today!